Jennifer Young

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Cinnamon Press celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2015. We're committed to keeping alive the passion and drive that got us this far, and to continuing to grow and improve in the future.


Cinnamon Press is a small, independent publisher run by a family team and based in North Wales. We select books that we feel passionate about and concentrate on a small list of titles into which we put maximum effort at every stage of development.


Cinnamon is an innovative publisher, publishing fiction, poetry and selective non fiction books. Cinnamon Press books are not defined by genre, but by their unique ability to be thought provoking and to say something new.


As a small press operating in North Wales, we aim to include a significant list of Welsh writing in English amongst our titles.

Wales has a tradition of providing a centre of excellence for literature and we also aim to attract books from across the UK and the world. Our list includes books from Wales, Scotland and England and also titles from Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, America and China etc.