Jennifer Young

Available now from Cinnamon Press

Cold Crash is the first of three novels that follow Max through archaeology and espionage from 1952 to 1953. Cold Crash can be ordered from Cinnamon Press, or

For archaeologist Maxine ‘Max’ Falkland, life in early-50s London is difficult enough as she tries to move on from the death of her brother, an RAF pilot shot down over Korea. But, when she meets John Knox things get more complicated — before they get outright dangerous.

Flying her light plane to Scotland, Max overhears whispered arguments in Russian coming from the next-door room and sees lights across the moors that appear to answer flashes from the sea. Add the mysterious malfunction of her plane and she has a lot to confide when she encounters the enigmatic Richard Ash, a local landowner and recluse. But when Knox unexpectedly reappears and a dive goes disastrously wrong, Max must act fast as she finds herself in the middle of a Soviet military plot.




Vintage Fashion plays a huge part in my novel Cold Crash. I loved researching clothes from 1952 for Max to wear, and many of her clothes are based on real garments. See some photos at this Pinterest board.